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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 11, 2010 6:20pm-6:30pm EDT

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computer. and we will talk temperatures. look at this. 53 downtown. and that average high is 75. 45 in cumberland. it's 39 in oakland. are you kidding me for the middle of may? that is just a different world out there. and now tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, milder with some showers possible. 50s and 60s. winds are turning southwest at 10. then by the afternoon, well, you get that warm sector of the air, milder, a little bit of the sun. thunderstorms though, they are possible. 74 to 78. winds will turn back northeasterly at 10 to 15 late in the day. and there is a slight risk of the severe weather. and for the immediate metro area and points south. main threat would be hail and strong gusting winds. all right, the nine future cast. a little after midnight, still some showers. the heaviest activity by far though is north of summer set and north of our friends up in pennsylvania. we get into the morning a couple of showers develop. it looks like a wet ride tomorrow morning. and then we get some breaks in the clouds. and that kind of concerns me. because again, the more sun we see, we see the thunderstorms
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develop in the evening and some of those could be on the hefty side. we'll keep you there. the next seven days. mid to upper 70s tomorrow. late storms, back into the 60s on thursday. a late day. a couple of thunderstorms are possible. we kind of settle into the 70s over the weekend. generally dry. maybe a sprinkle on sunday. better chance for the showers and the thunderstorms on monday and tuesday and the temperatures are around 80 by then. >> okay. >> another runningback. they better get more football. >> what's going on? >> we lead them in free acquisitions for the runningbacks. is and will yeah. >> if it is a contest to have the most runningbacks for them, they are the only ones that got you, the latest for the team. how likely is it that they will join? and plus, a new sport. walking on water. and this is not a joke. we'll explain it in nine sports coming up.
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i don't know, maybe mike shanahan has some secret formation involving four runningbacks on the field at the same time or maybe just collecting them like my grandmother does. either way, he'll need more chairs and a runningback. westbrook is a dc native playing eight seasons with the natives. rushing for over a yard twice. he has been plagued by injuries including a serious concussion last year. and if they sign him, westbrook would join clinton portis and r parker as the fourth probowl runningback on the roster. somebody would be easily packing his bags. and smart money says that it
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would be parker. okay, for the first time since 2005, their first year in dc, the nationals are four games over .500. and a big chunk of that is due to a man who played his first major league game when ryan zimmerman was six. 38-year-old nat's catcher, rodriguez, signed this winter for the defensive skill has been to the shock of everybody, one of the most dangerous offensive players in all of baseball this spring. and after going 4-4 in the national's win last night over the mets, he is hitting, wait for it, .393. that's tied for the best in the majors. >> he's doing a great job. that's okay. you know, just concentrating and taking one at a time. and just really hitting hard. >> he is talking about working with rick, the the national's hitting coach. now 18-14. facing the mets again tonight. scott olsen on the bump after
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that no hitter last thursday. just one run allowed by olsen in the last 20 plus innings. meanwhile, up to the dc city council, it will cost you more to two to a national's game starting next year as well as capitols and wizards and the dc united games. the council committee, recommending a new tax on sports tickets. for and if they pas, then all tickets that cost excessive of the $25 will be whacked with a $1 tax per area to fund the city recreation programs. all tickets between $10 to $25 will get a 50 cent tax to get under $10 that won't be affected. they said that taxes would raise $4 million. down in charlotte, raking in the tax revenue from this place. the nascar hall of fame opening up today. 150,000 square feet of the exhibits and the cars and stuff. richard petty, dale earnhardt, junior johnson, bill france, senior and junior are the first class of the hall, costing $200 million to build. all right, i promised i wouldn't do any stories in the
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tiger wood's marriage. but he filed for divorce today from his coach. hank hanie. he is the one who quit woods. the two have been together for six years. coming just two days after the neck injury. thanking him for being an outstanding teacher but did not hint to who the next teacher would be. despite the comeback, he was left off the u.s. soccer roster as they were announced today. recalling that he was nearly killed it in a car accident right here in washington. and another passenger in that car did die that day. the american squad leaves for south africa in two weeks. finally tonight, a new sport that is catching fire in europe. they call it liquid mountaineering or walking on water. this is not a visual trick. they use force entering the water and they try to skip the water with their photo, really quick walking and the guys who are good at it could get like 40 to 50 yards off the shore. and topper is skeptical about this. but i watched the whole thing.
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>> you think this is legit? >> yes f. want these guys are moving their feet really fast. check it out, liquid mountaineering and e-mail me and you tell me if you think it's fake. i don't think it's a fake f. >> interesting. interesting indeed. >> all right. rain, get


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